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Library Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations mentioned below are in place to ensure that an equitable service is provided to all the users of library and to maintain a library environment that is conductive to study.

Membership/admission to the Library

  • The students ( M.D., D.P.M. ,M.Phil, P.hd, D.P.N. ), Research Scholars, Permanent Staff and Contract Staff of the Institute are entitled to enroll as regular members of the library. The regular membership is valid till the end of the course in case of students, expiry of the term of contract in case of contract staff and service retirement in case of permanent staff. 'No-Dues Certificate ' must be obtained at the time of relief from the institute by the staff of the Institute.
  • On completion of course 'No-Dues Certificate' will be issued to the students only on surrender of borrower's card.
  • Visitors coming for orientation course in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing for fifteen days or one month from all over India are eligible to use only the reading facility and reprography facility provided they are permitted by the Director/Medical Superintendent.

Loan Privileges

Two books will be issued for 7 days. The maximum number of books a borrower may borrow at the same time are as follows:

  • Faculty Members- 5 books
  • Medical Officers – 4 books
  • Senior Residents – 3 books
  • Students – 2 books
  • Technical staff/Nursing staff/Other staff- 2 books
  • Reference books, New books , Dissertations, Thesis, Project Reports, Question Papers, Bound Volumes of Journals will not be issued.
  • 2 extra books will be issued 15 days prior to seminar only on the recommendation by the Chairperson of the seminar.
  • Reservation for any book except reference, new books on display , is permissible.
  • Reissue of the book will be done twice, if the particular book is not in demand/reserved. The physical presence of issued book is essential at the time of reissue of particular book.
  • Library can recall any issued book even before the due date.

Action on overdue, loss or damage

If the books are not returned on due date , the fine will be as follows:

  • From 8 days -14 days – Rs2/-fine per day
  • From 15 days till return- Rs 5/- per day
  • If books are lost by the borrowers, they will have to replace the same or deposit the current price.
  • Please check that the book is not damaged before borrowing. Borrowers may be asked to pay for book returned in a damaged condition.
  • Mark on the books must be reported by the borrowers at the time of issue.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of books before borrowing.


  • The readers have to enter their names and put signatures in the register kept at the entrance.
  • The visiting students from outside also have to put their names and signatures in the 'Temporary visiting students' register kept at the entrance.
  • The readers are not allowed to bring personal belongings like bags, umbrella inside the library. These materials are kept outside at the baggage counter at their own risk. Only note books are allowed to bring inside the library.
  • Readers are advised not to leave their precious and valuable items like money, certificates, credit cards etc. at the baggage counter Personal Books are not allowed in the Library.
  • If the readers are bringing issued books in the library , it must be declared to the counter.
  • Readers are advised not to re-shelve the books and Journals . They should be left on the reading table after use.


  • The readers must maintain utmost silence inside the library. Also they must behave in a manner that will cause neither disturbance nor offence to others. Gossiping or any type of discussion is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Removing library materials without getting them properly issued and mutilating the materials by marking, underlying pages, damaging binding or in any other way of damaging or defacing library materials/equipments/furniture will be as serious offence inviting strict disciplinary action.
  • Bringing food or beverage inside the library is not permitted.
  • The mobile phone should either be switched off or kept in a silent mode. Phone usage is highly restricted inside the library.
  • Utmost care must be taken by all to keep the surroundings clean.

Disciplinary Procedures

  • The staff on duty has the right to request a reader to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of the rules and regulations.
  • If the person is found guilty of mutilating the library material, fine will be collected from him depending upon the cost of the material and the extent of damage done, with the approval of Director.
  • In case of attempt to steal the library material double the cost of the material will be levied from the offender with the approval of Director.
  • The cases of breach of rules and regulations by the visiting patrons of other institution coming to RINPAS for orientation course will be dealt strictly according to the laws of the Institute.

Copyright Law

  • Photocopying of an entire book is not permitted.
  • Only 10-15 pages from any dissertation or theses is permitted to photocopy.

Internet Use

  • FTTH (Fibre to the Home ) Technology from BSNL for Internet access is available only for the students, faculty, officers, research scholars, staff of RINPAS. The use of computers by the ex-students of RINPAS will depend at the discretion of Librarian in special circumstances.
  • Library computers are meant for searching the Online Journals and Databases only and the students are also allowed for the same.
  • Playing games, downloading games, software, music/video files is strictly prohibited in electronic library area.
  • The students have to put their names, signature and timings in the register kept outside the computer cell.
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